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Divinitatea în opera aristotelică — o perspectivă creștină

In Aristotel’s conception, the most precious gift of man is the
act of thinking, believed to be the contemplation of the truth. Exercising
ration is a thorough virtue. As long as the soul is the primary
entity, and its essence is thinking, it means that there is a
relationship of the soul with the Divinity.
Man is infinit in virtuality but it is not infinit in himself. He becomes
infinit in his relationship with God: „blessed are the people
who come closer to the Divinity” (Nicomachean Ethics).

Infinitatea divină la Sfântul Grigorie de Nyssa

Diac. asist. drd. Liviu PETCU

The notion of divine infinity is essential in Gregory of Nyssa’s
theology. Ekkehard Mühlenberg has even argued that Gregory
was the first to ascribe infinity to God. Key texts on divine infinity
in Gregory, taken from Contra Eunomiun, De Vita Moysis, and
In Canticum Canticorum, are discussed in this article. It appears that
Mühlenberg’s interpretation has to be nuanced. The first who
extensively deals with divine infinity is the Cappadocian theologian