Evanghelia după Ioan

Să umblăm cât avem lumină ca să fim fii ai luminii (I). Implicații ale textului Ioan 12, 34-36

The exegetical and theological research “Walk until you have
light, in order to be sons of light” written by Nicolae Antistescu, present
three verses of the Gospel of John (12, 34-36), and the significance
of light in the words of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Starting
from the original Greek text, the author shows the importance of
the light in the teachings of Christ, the context of the verses and
the structural composition of the frases, in order to discover the
true theological meaning of the words.

Hristos — Mirele. O abordare hristologică a textului Ioan 2, 1-11

The present paper aims to present the episode of the Wedding
at Cana as being not just as a mere miracle of Jesus, but a way
for Christ to reveal Himself. This approach is suggested by St.
John the Evangelist at the end of his account: the miracle represents
the beginning of the signs, through which Christ revealed
Himself to the disciples, strengthening their faith.
Following the thread of the narrative, one easily notices that,
although we are told it’s a wedding, the most important people of