Teologie liturgică

Timpul liturgic al Bisericii – poartă a veșniciei în iubirea Sfintei Treimi

The author of the liturgical research “The liturgical time of
the Church – gate of eternity in the love of the Most Holy Trinity”
analyses the relation between the human temporality and the eternity
of God into the Church, the way the succession and the simultaneity
unite together into the Mysteries of Christ – the sources
of grace in the Church and the ways of the presence of God into
the ecclesial community. In addition the theological meanings of
the biblical words aeon, kairos, and chronos are analysed.

Triodul — temporalitate ascetică, întoarcere axiologică și proorocie eshatologică

The theological research „The Triodion – ascetical temporality,
axiological metanoia and eschatological prophecy”, written by Rev.
Asist. Dr. Ioan Valentin Istrati analyses the liturgical book of the
Orthodox Church called Triodion, in order to discover the theology
of time united with the eternity in the Liturgy. The days of the Triodion
containing the Lent, are mystically significant as a procession
and an ascenssion to newer understanding of the mystery of faith.